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Air & Ground Transportation

Project management and training from ContactPointe means all your business needs are taken care of including content, logistics, instructors, classrooms, as well as travel arrangements. We coordinate all facilitators and participant travel leveraging discounts while monitoring the weather and local events to ensure we don’t miss a beat in case of unexpected circumstances.

Basics we consider:

  • Attendees point of departure
  • Air travel
  • Ground travel to local destinations
  • Public transportation
  • Shuttle services
  • Exiting and returning to the airport
  • Traffic patterns
  • Contingency planning

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ContactPointe can effectively coordinate instructors and participants in a cost-effective manner. We provide the most efficient travel requirements of the attendees making sure they don’t miss a thing.

ContactPointe strives to be your best one-stop-shop for your training management needs.

Travel arrangements made quick and reliable - just as it should be.

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