Checklist- A Well-Designed Training Room

Boost the learning experience

Training Room Design for Computer Classroom

If you’re focused on renting the right training space to maximize learning, here are important considerations for a training room. A well-designed and flexible space aids the trainer and their mission.

Physical training room

  • Allow 20-25 square feet per person and minimum 9-foot ceilings for use of visual aids
  • HVAC should be quiet and easily adjusted
  • Flooring and other sound proofing to minimize external noise and improve acoustics
  • ADA considerations implemented for accessibility, signage and hardware
  • Wall space that can be written or projected onto or screens and white boards
  • Flexible lighting to dim and illuminate as related to technology

Ancillary areas

  • Breakrooms and seating areas for informal gatherings and learning
  • Nearby restrooms and closets
  • Food service close by


  • Optional computers with latest technology, set up in advance with your software
  • White boards
  • Ceiling mounted projector with large format screen
  • Speakers and wireless microphone for larger spaces
  • Laser pointer and lectern
  • Video sharing, screen sharing, and interactive collaboration supported
  • Power outlets and local wiring on walls, floor, and work surfaces to recharge laptop computers and other accessories.
  • High bandwidth Internet, allowing students to work without delays


  • Ergonomically designed seating with superior comfort. Includes padding, seat height adjustment and swivel ability
  • Lightweight and nested tables that are 18” or 24” deep and easily configured into classroom, pod or U-shape

Dedicated training facilities meet all these checkmarks. Let ContactPointe find the right training room for you.

For over 27 years, ContactPointe has helped thousands of companies with their training facility needs. We’ve led the training room evolution into technology solutions of computer classrooms, software installation and onsite support.

Training Room Design for Classroom Set Up
Training Room Design for Pod Set Up