Top 10 Selection Criteria

Top Ten Things to Consider when Selecting a Training Site

In order to achieve desired business outcomes, following is suggested criteria for selecting the next location(s) for a training program.

Seek Consistency in Student and Attendee Experience

When selecting multiple training sites, it is key to seek consistency in student and attendees’ experience to maximize your business outcomes. All facilities should meet your baseline requirements.

Plan for Adequate Meeting Space

The meeting space assigned for training should provide for general sessions and break-out rooms. Plan for special or ancillary functions held before, during and after the training.

Be Sure the Host City is Easy to Reach

Plan for the actual distribution of your personnel. Reasonable airfares and frequent flights should be available to the majority of potential attendees traveling to the host city.

Confirm Space is Equipped for Productive Learning

To teach and develop people effectively, you need somewhere they can concentrate and immediately engage. Break rooms and refreshments should be available nearby the classroom to maximize productivity and minimize distractions. Participants should have a quick and easy option to step away and quickly return and refocus.

Meet Audio-Visual and Technology Needs

The facility should have on-site capability to provide the audio-visual and internet/wireless services required for your training. Verify that staff is available on-site and software loaded and tested in advance. Verify that internet bandwidth and computer specs meet or exceed your needs.

Outline Needs for Public Service Areas

Specify if there will be space needed for attendee registration, networking receptions or any other events taking place that will utilize additional areas of the facility.

Ensure Adequate Public Access and Parking

Attendees from the host city are as equally important as those traveling nationally or internationally. The property should be accessible by public transportation and have enough onsite parking to accommodate local participants.

Provide Adequate Entertainment and Dining Options

Most attendees will enjoy visiting local restaurants, bars and other attractions. Ensure the property and its surrounding area have enough to keep them entertained.

Conduct Site Visits

When locations are secured after matching your criteria, visit the location to personally tour the property. If budget does not permit, property photos should be provided.

Establish a Room Block

Ensure the training facility or nearby properties have adequate sleeping rooms (both in quality and in quantity) for attendees at a reasonable rate.





There are many critical variables to coordinate when planning a training event.
Consider using an outsourcing company that has demonstrated a positive track
record with experience in vetting training facilities and executing successful,
multi-stage training projects.