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When it comes to training new hires or current staff, keeping it in-house isn’t always the best, or the cheapest solution. ContactPointe has provided exceptional training facility services to our clients in the airline industry to ensure their training sessions are efficient, effective, and above all, successful. Here’s how we do it.

The client’s request

Airline X had a need to train hundreds of new employees, contractors and partner airline employees within 45-60 day period with an extremely near-term deadline. The project initiated in late February with a training completion deadline of June 1. Training curriculum spanned 15 courses covering the diverse needs of “above wing” workers such as customer service and “below wing” workers such as baggage handlers. Optimally, facilities were to be located near airports in 19 US cities.

A detailed RFP outlined dates, cities, and IT requirements. Airline X’s initial need was to have 13 locations up and running within 2 weeks, with 6 additional locations added 30 days later. Two weeks into the planning, requirements expanded to 18 hour-a-day (6 am to midnight) training schedule, including weekends. Completed training delivery involved 1,933 instruction days over 11 weeks at 19 locations across the US.

The problem

In the past, Airline X used hotel space for their training needs. With hotels, a detailed RFP template was sent to multiple hotels in each city. Each hotel had different capabilities and varied ways to price and package. Each RFP response was separately considered.

In addition, Airline X shipped computers to each training location, incurring the expense of hardware, software and shipping. Separately, Airline X sent an IT audit team to each training site to ensure all was working correctly.

What we delivered

ContactPointe’s solution began as a single vendor to handle all facility requirements, allowing our client to focus on the coursework and important training components. We provided significant savings by serving as Airline X’s one point of contact, eliminating redundant processes and complications associated with training setup.

From Airline X's standpoint, offsite training was setup and running quickly, without interruption. It was a cost effective solution for a near 24/7 training operation.

Here’s what we did for each of the 19 locations:

Scheduled all training facilities

  • Determining optimal locations
  • Securing and confirming the sites
  • Coordination of all setup requirements
  • Confirmations that all setup has been completed
  • Email and phone confirmations and reminders
  • Re-scheduling for conflicts

Training facility setup

  • Setup of any signage
  • Setup of all classroom layout configurations
  • Setup and installation of all computers for training
  • Audio visual set up with LCD projectors and white boards
  • Distribution and storage of class materials
  • On-site support/host/coordinator


  • Coordination of all AM/PM snacks and refreshments


  • Simplified billing for each site from a single source


  • Provide class details & directions
  • Single point of contact for distribution of information to all facilities

All facilities had to be evaluated for their technology, computer hardware, software and WiFi capabilities. At 3 locations, networking specs were not met and ContactPointe worked with facilities to upgrade their WiFi capabilities. Airline X determined that training facility computers and onsite support personnel were of high quality and ultimately decided to use facility equipment. This eliminated and reduced shipping of equipment and IT Audit, as well as personnel expenses.

ContactPointe created a facility template that was provided to staff, instructors and students, again saving Airline X significant time and providing consistency across all 19 locations.

The template’s details include:

  • Facility contact and cell phone
  • Building access, parking and security
  • Address
  • Directions
  • Room size(s) and dates scheduled
  • Hours; regular and extended
  • Airline X contact and instructor contact information

During the initial 2 weeks at each location, ContactPointe added a process to get real time feedback from the 19 facility coordinators and all Airline X instructors. Coordinators and instructors submitted survey feedback on a daily basis, allowing for constant awareness of any issues. This shortened fix time and headed off other instructor issues, so the focus remained on content delivery. Instructors provided feedback on facility, set up, computers, AV equipment, support staff, directions and parking. Near 90% of Airline X instructors rated the facility as very or extremely good.

ContactPointe provided 24 hours support, giving instructors and facility coordinators their contact cell phone numbers for an immediate response.

The results

Dedicated training and meeting room facilities from ContactPointe feature many benefits, resulting in enhanced productivity as well as creating an optimal learning experience for attendees. When compared, our services are often preferred over hotel meeting spaces which are usually more costly and compromise on flexibility.

ContactPointe’s training facility services provide:

  • Efficiency - training sessions are up and running quickly, meeting all deadlines
  • Cost savings - training delivery and sourcing staff hours, travel and personnel expense and computer shipping
  • Time savings - one contact for all billing questions, saving time for accounts payable and sourcing staff hours
  • Convenience - one contact to coordinate all locations, implement last minute requirements, and to provide service for evening and weekend training sessions

ContactPointe’s proactive approach for Airline X has ensured they can complete their staff training without interruptions. We also continually look for opportunities to decrease costs whenever possible, allowing them to make the most of their training investment.

Additional information

City Classrooms Extended Hours Instruction Days*
Atlanta 2 70
Boise 1 50
Ft. Myers 1 33
Greensboro 1 x 110
Hartford 2 x 166
Jacksonville 2 x 166
Kansas City 1 32
Miami 2 x 166
Nashville 1 x 110
Norfolk 1 x 96
Oklahoma 2 x 166
Omaha 2 x 166
Ontario 2 83
Raleigh 1 30
Richmond 2 x 166
Sacramento 1 35
Spokane 1 x 96
St. Louis 1 26
West Palm 2 x 166
Total 28 1933 days

Cities differed by courses, start and end dates as well as hours. Many facilities with extended hours had multiple classes and multiple sessions daily.

*Instruction days doubled for locations with extended hours.

Hear what our clients have to say about us

Thanks for everything that you have done in working with us on the project. Nothing but good has been said from all involved regarding how amazing you and your staff worked with us. Hopefully in future projects we will reach out for your help.

Market Competitive Sourcing Project Lead,
Airline X

I agree wholeheartedly that they have done an amazing, creative job in everything they have done! My very deepest thanks!

Managing Director, Airport Operations,
Airline X

You and your team have been an incredible asset to us and our business partners throughout the training project. I sincerely appreciate the flexibility, patience, persistence and immediate response to our every need. Your proactive approach has ensured training continued without interruption while continually looking for opportunities to decrease costs whenever possible. It has been a real pleasure to work with you on this very complex project. I would recommend your team to any organization in need of facility support!

Manager Hub Training Delivery,
Airline X

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Outsourcing labor-intensive training logistics management to ContactPointe lets your team stay focused on more strategic activities. As your training logistics partner, we can oversee every step in the training process and can assist you in every aspects of your training needs - that’s what we do and what we do best.

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