Nationwide Client Training


Gained back .5 FTE plus cost savings

Dealer Tire is more than tires. Their mission is to help automotive manufacturers and dealers grow their business by providing tools and services that increase customer satisfaction and retention.

The Challenge

Training and regional meetings are an important component in delivering Dealer Tire services. Staff member Slavenka T. served as the point person for setting up meetings and trainings. She was spending 50% of her day finding venues, negotiating contracts, arranging catering and doing significant follow up. Often, there were multiple trainings going on, increasing her workload. Time zone differences also added to the complexity of coordinating events.

Spending half a day doing meeting logistics was taking away from other priorities and responsibilities. Slavenka researched alternatives, looking for a one-stop-shop that would manage all the logistics and provide cost savings benefits as well.

The Results

Slavenka “absolutely gained back a half day” once ContactPointe came onboard. Cost savings for meeting rooms and audio-visual equipment was another direct benefit.

One major surprise in working with ContactPointe was the quick turnaround in finding facilities that met all requirements and were equipped with audio-visual equipment. The entire ContactPointe team was very responsive in managing their 2 day events.

Slavenka kept close tabs on each event and reached out to the Dealer Tire training facilitators for feedback on facilities and services. Out of 90 trainings across the US, 88 events met or exceeded expectations. Two had negative feedback. At one particular regional training event, ContactPointe resolved the problem as the event was going on. One measure of a company is how they respond when things don’t go well, and in Slavenka’s estimation, ContactPointe solved all problems with urgency and accuracy. In this case, all worked out well. Slavenka continues to have confidence that facilities will meet or exceed expectations.

ContactPointe services have been recommended to peers at Dealer Tire as a resource to save time and avoid the constant search for new venues. ContactPointe is their one-stop-shop.