Hands On Software Training


High Quality Training leads to Great Customer Experience

The right training facility is crucial to an effective training session. It is especially critical that the event venue represents a company’s brand. Customers attending Workiva’s hands-on training make an investment in time, money and knowledge. ContactPointe’s experience and knowledge of setting up quality events met Workiva’s high standards and supports their ongoing 2016 training expansion. Here’s how we do it.

The client’s request

Workiva holds 4 classes per month for customers in major cities throughout the US. Workiva instructors conduct in-person cloud-based training of their enterprise software application. Their class size of 15 students doing hands-on training simultaneously creates a heavy demand on servers and Internet bandwidth. Their training request requires Internet bandwidth of 5 MG per student, something many facilities are not typically equipped to provide. Other requirements on room set up, quality catering, pre-event routine and facility amenities are very specific.

Overall, requirements focused on creating a great learning experience as well an event representative of their brand and character.

The problem

In 2014, Workiva expanded their customer training program. Initially, these events were booked at hotel venues. Workiva IT staff traveled to each session to support the technical requirements from beginning to end. This option did not prove to be cost-effective for the company.

A two-person Workiva team took on the initiative of securing high quality training classrooms, investing lots of time scouring the Internet for quality facilities. Even with many years of experience in coordinating their events, it was challenging for the duo to find training space that met Workiva’s exacting specifications. They found most facilities and booking agents balked at their requirements.

Because bookings were secured via phone, the team really didn’t know what to expect from the venue until the start date of the event upon instructor and attendee arrival. The first hour of the event was often spent working through technology issues. This was a loss of productivity for all in attendance.

An Internet search and phone call led to an initial conversation and inquiry with ContactPointe. The ContactPointe team grasped requirements and the importance of high quality training events that represented the Workiva brand. ContactPointe staff did not “bat an eye” at unique and non-standard requirements. More importantly, ContactPointe was able to utilize its 24 years’ experience and relationships with facilities to find the best fit at every location per Workiva’s request.

What we delivered

ContactPointe served as both project and quality control manager. ContactPointe successfully secured facilities willing to provide higher end experience and managed all the details, including technology set up, catering, and signage. All technology was tested by on-site support as well as Workiva personnel prior to the event to insure the training could begin on schedule and without flaw.

ContactPointe set the stage with the facilities, carefully explaining the customer expectations and identified any parameters that would impact quality standards. Not only did ContactPointe staff arrange facility internet upgrades when needed, but also utilized its years’ long relationships with facilities to negotiate the non-standard requirements of the client such as early arrival time and day-prior review to test software.

ContactPointe staff was responsive and flexible under unexpected circumstances such as needing to find additional space for an increase in registrations. Workiva valued the honest dialogue about requirements and capabilities. ContactPointe was up-front about any challenges uncovered while working between customer and facility.

During this time, Workiva was still working with multiple vendors and found that ContactPointe provided the best service level as well as training event experience. They were so satisfied with the entire process, that for 2016, ContactPointe has been selected as their single source vendor for training facilities and event coordination.

The results

ContactPointe has insured the continuity of optimal learning experience for students and instructors at all Workiva training events throughout the US. These successful training events are representative of the quality of Workiva’s brand and company character.

Workiva’s success in promoting their classes has increased enrollment. In 2016, their customer training program expanded to new locations with 48 events in 16 cities.

Despite growing the program, Workiva team members are at ease knowing that ContactPointe will take care of the details. They report that their anxiety level has gone down significantly.
Workiva estimates that utilizing Contact Pointe as their single provider has saved them 50-70% FTE.

For Workiva, our personalized customer service and attention to detail set us apart.