Instructors and Facilitators

Effective learning that boosts efficiency

Instructors and Facilitators

Your employees are the backbone of your business. With that in mind, ongoing training is vital in improving human and process performance which adversely affects productivity and profitability. And while finding quality instructors is imperative, it can prove to be difficult.

Your instructors are equipped with a wealth of resources and real-world training experience. We verify the alignment of experience, knowledge and background in an industry or knowledge area. Your facilitators are trainers with expertise in the field and are given background on the audience, trained on the subject and tested before entering the field for a project. We can help integrate technology into training to help you maximize the value of your technology investment.

With the Instructors service from ContactPointe, you can enjoy:

  • Improved job performance with a competent workforce
  • Reduced skill gaps and enhanced expertise for your employees
  • Opportunity to practice new skills and increase the confidence of workers
  • Real-time feedback which reinforces learning

Ensure workforce competency.

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