You are not alone

(At least when it comes to renting a training facility)

With over 27 years of business training experience, the ContactPointe team anticipates your training event needs.  That’s because we've experienced nearly every challenge and nightmare (along with things that keep you up at night) that happen at an event.  Rest assured that once you schedule with ContactPointe, your training event worries are over.

I don't have to think about it and can move onto my other responsibilities and feel confident that the training session will be flawless.

Hope S.
Engineered Software, Inc.


Number #1 Issue-

The number 1 challenge at many events is a rather mundane task, but one that often leads to a last-minute scramble: delivery of training materials. ContactPointe has experienced nearly every issue related to problem deliveries; wrong addresses, late shipment, and missing materials.  Delivery of training materials is a critical element on our 25-point checklist. ContactPointe will track each task up until delivery and will provide notification to you once they are received by the facility.


Onsite Staff for Software Installation-

"My computer isn't working." Talk about a mood deflator and loss of productivity for the instructor and participants! ContactPointe makes every effort to have all the details complete before you arrive.  Each facility provides onsite technical support staff to insure that the right software is installed properly with all the correct add-ons and settings.


Keeping the Participants Happy-

Snacks, refreshments and catering- nothing will throw an event off (or post-event evaluations) like lacking “fuel” for the students.  So after content and instructor, the next critical need is feeding the training attendees. Some might say it is even more important.  We know our facilities and monitor feedback closely to keep event participants well nourished.


Directionally Challenged-

Event not starting on time—this is usually due to directionally-challenged (or lost) participants.  Over time, we've learned to provide many forms of directions to meet the wide variety of map needs. Our facility directions include 3 variations; an address, turn by turn, and a map.  Links to local area attractions, hotels and weather are included.


And then there are the Crazy Events-

ContactPointe has been known to shuttle participants during a major snow event, moving people from their hotel to the facility, where 20 inches of snow covered the parking lot and walkways.  We've also planned for themed events such as the Super Bowl.  ContactPointe provides comprehensive training facility offerings and works to make your event flawless.

ContactPointe has also proven to be flexible when the unexpected happens. Easy is a good description for ContactPointe.

Abby H.
Sequoia Equities

And finally,

Mark is often a second set of eyes for me, which is reassuring that he has my back.

Rob D.
Sage Software

We manage all the details before you arrive. You are not alone.