All-Inclusive Booking

10 Reasons to Book an All-Inclusive Training Classroom


Equipped rooms for learning

To teach and develop people effectively, you need somewhere they can concentrate and immediately engage. ContactPointe’s extensive network of training facilities provides quality classrooms and computer learning centers.

Stress free

It’s a big relief knowing someone else is taking care of all the details for you. With over 27 years of training, ContactPointe has experienced nearly every challenge and nightmare that happens at an event (along with things that keep you up at night). Rest assured your training event worries are over.

Made for budgeters

All-inclusive bookings make it easy to stay on budget and forecast the entire cost. Other ContactPointe benefits include:

  • No deposit required at time of booking
  • 14-day cancellation policy with no fee
  • One invoice

Logistical ease

Trying to book and verify each component of a training classroom; equipment, snacks, Internet, training materials and directions, can be very time consuming.

Save time by hiring the expertise and focus on your other responsibilities.

One price

All-inclusive fee eliminates guesswork and the need to calculate complex budget algorithms. Forecast the entire price of the training facility.


The all-inclusive is just that - along with expertise, insider tips and advice.

  • Flexible classroom layouts
  • Computer labs with the latest technology
  • Internet access
  • LCD projector, screen and whiteboard
  • Facility access hours typically from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Knowledgeable support staff who can help set up your computers and software
  • On-site technical support
  • Catering services – AM and PM snacks provided, lunch optional
  • Concierge and hospitality services

Technology friendly

Rooms are equipped for learning with the latest technology, Internet access, whiteboards and computers.

Each facility provides onsite technical support staff to insure that the right software is installed properly with all the correct add-ons and settings.

No awkward moments

Our 25 point checklist eliminates the unknowns including missing training materials, snacks and refreshments, computer and software issues and maps for the directionally challenged. Full-time onsite support, both hospitality and technical, keep the class running smoothly.


Finally, expertise is another strong attraction for people who choose to go with the all-inclusive style of booking.

Since 1990, ContactPointe has helped thousands of companies with their training facility needs. We led the training room evolution into technology solutions of computer classrooms, software installation and onsite support. We build solutions that can include instructors, content, and registration systems.

No surprises

When you book an all-inclusive training room, not only do you get access to top facilities and equipment but you also get the expertise and a second set of eyes. With over 27 years of business training experience, the ContactPointe team anticipates your training event needs.

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